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Local Flowers

Bird of Paradise and Heliconia straight from the farm.

Great for celebrating a special event, fundraisers, businesses, or simply to brighten up your home.

Flowers are hand picked when ordered. Availability is somewhat seasonal, although there is always something in bloom. Arrangements can be done on request.

*Please use the contact form below to order flowers. Flowers can only be delivered to the Kona area of Hawaii.

**Payment to be given upon delivery.

Heliconia: $3.50 per stem.
Bird of Paradise: $2.50 per stem.
Delivery: $10 - $20 depending on location.


Send us a message to order flowers

To order flowers, please provide the following in your message:
1) Your full name.
2) In subject field enter "Flower Order".
3) Your address for delivery purposes.
4) In the message field please be sure to include the quantity of Bird of Paradise stems and/ or Heliconia stems, as well as the date you would like them to be delivered.

We will do our best to be prompt in our responses, provide a fair delivery price, and deliver beautiful flowers for you!


Thanks for submitting!


Bird Of Paradise