BFF Farm

Once you try a cup of our coffee, it will be your new BFF.

100% Kona Coffee and Homemade Jams and Marmalades for sale by owner.


A Little About Our Farm

Owner: Alice Jameson Caddow

Farming Since August, 2012

Elevation: 2,200 feet

Size: 3.1 acres

We Grow: Kona coffee, flowers, lilikoi (passionfruit), avocados, kale, carrots, beets, bananas, hot peppers, bamboo, oranges, tangerines and more.

Photo: Alice and her daughters, Ariel and Nicole.

*All Photos by Iran Ramirez


Where the coffee is grown

Because of the elevation and climate in Captain Cook, BFF coffee is very smooth, aromatic and balanced. Called Kona coffee because of being grown in the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee is Coffea arabica, variety typica. You need to taste it to find out how wonderful a cup of this coffee is.
The farm is located on the slopes of Mona Loa. Unlike many farms in Kona, we have deep soil that helps our plants grow.


Buy Coffee, Spreads, or Local Flowers

Our coffee is roasted upon your order, so it will always be fresh and done to your taste. Coffee can be delivered throughout the U.S.

Homemade spreads are made from fruit fresh picked on the farm. They could be a thoughtful gift for a loved on or a flavorful addition to your own meal.

Our flowers are picked when ordered. Availability is somewhat seasonal, although there is always something in bloom. Arrangements can be done on request. Flowers can only be delivered to the greater Kona area.

Wake up to a warm cup of coffee and a beautiful flower arrangement!


100% Kona Coffee &
Jams, Marmalade, and Butter

Enjoy either a 1/2 lb. or a 1 lb. bag of our estate grown coffee. Options of Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, or Dark roasts.

You can also pick up some homemade spreads to add to your breakfast or snack! Made from fruit fresh picked on the farm. 

Local Flowers

Bird of Paradise and Heliconia straight from the farm.

P.O. Box 1292
Captain Cook, Hawaii County 96704

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